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suleh jaames

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hate on me, it aint no thng. [Mar. 19th, 2006|03:03 pm]
suleh jaames
[mood |amuseddamn good]

people talking down on me, or disliking me, is what makes me push forward and is what makes me strive to succeed at whatever I do. and so far, Ive succeeded at everything I've wanted to. so I am happy. Spring break has been great. money, good band practices and our show, good friends, supportive people, but of course the usual drama had to occur, but that shit is funny. some people just cant get over themselves. every one thinks there a god. and more important than everyone else, well... every one is just another person to me. including me. I dont giva fuck how cool you are or what you do or what you dont do, or what you have to say. I also dont care about how much better you are at things than me. you and I are equal. everyone needs a reality check and a conceeded life check. haaz. bye everyone. ps. people love to hate me, and people hate to love me, and some people are openly hating towards me and a lot are openly loving to me. but more people love me. so yay. =D. love ya too, even those that hate, you are what makes me stronger.

[User Picture]From: fragile_lies
2006-03-20 10:44 pm (UTC)
im sad i missed the show :[
fucking work is killing me
then i work this sat again.
buttt good show i heard :]
laterrr ♥
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