i guess.

suleh jaames
10 May
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jamming. my life.

i am suli mirza, 19, this is my little brother Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i have alot of weird random words, and things that i say, that my crew and i use.
you've prolly noticed a couple, if you read my lj.

paypuh, means basically, goodbye. its a long story why but ya. theres others,

i mean, its kinda better than being normal n shit. so whatev

ford exp spt xlt 03, theres pics of it on some earlier entries.

im not in a band anymore.

charlie dickerson, straight_core drumma, aron harvey vertuoso bassist, are no longer a part of the establishment.

dre philly, afinalcollapse yella and rythm, and i, SULI, singn n strings are rocking out still and will continue to do so.

by the way, my name, its pronounced (soooooooooooooooooooooooolllleeeeeee)
like soup, with a lee, and no p.

not soley, or sully, fuck those. its ^^^^^^^^


kitties are tyte. i hava couple, there coot.



graduated clark highschool, with good grades, university of texas at san antonio in the fall

im stayin here because i know sa like the back of my hand. and its not thatt bad. this place still makes me feel weird though.


mistakes are normal/occure daily. Human error is nature, but when you dont learn lessons, why live, and keep on keepin doin the same mistakes, you gotta move on!

im not religious, period whatsoever nothing nada. but i have morals for sure.
i hate dirty bitches, i open doors for folks, i dont steal and jack shit from people i tryda be truthful/straightforward,

i do cuss tho, sorry? i guess?


ive played guitar since like begining 8th grade,
my influences are life, and maybe a girl, maybe not, and ya.

i look up to alot of people, especially if your cool. (cool to me means nice, and not blabbing lame shit, which is rare.)


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a clear thinking process, ae, africa, alexisonfire, apc is talented, as i lay dying, as the sun sets, beinga virgin, bitch beer fuck you, blast beats, blink 182, brand new, britney spears, btbam, caramel fraps, carbon12, chappelles show, chemistry ya right, chillin, circle takes the square, coheed and cambria, cool people, counting nothing from something, daughters makes me laugh, dezevala, dotdf, dreamin, dredg, drinkin, drums, eating good meals, evergreen terrace, fata, finch, forgiveness, french fries, friends, further seems forever, gap, gibson, girls that are nice, glassjaw, god is tyte, good sleeping patterns, grindcore, guitar, hardcore, hardcore chords, having a good life, history, honest people, hopesfall, hot topic=mainstream as fuck, i hate lying sluts, incubus, incubus' every cd, jammin, jazz, kitties, laughing, love (rarest thing ever), lunch, marshall, metalcore, mike devon n lance, mista t, movies, music, music theory, my guitar, nice girls, not caring, numb12 looks like you, old deftones, outkast, paris hilton=overrated at everything, parties, people who arent fake, pictures of cool stuff, poison the well (o.o.d.), pretty eyes, pretty gals, psychology, quiet animals, reliable transportation, revenge, rockin out, rufio, saosin, scenic/boerne, screaming, secrets sarcasm and rollercoasters, sin 13, sitting and lookin around, sleeping, smart girls, smiling, staying up late, sublime, succeeding, talks with friends, teaching stuff, tearsbledred, the beatles, the falling cycle, the life after death, the oc, the olsen twins, the red chord, the rescue, the shady spot, the smell of rain, the sound of water, the triple rect sound, the truth, thrice, thursday is okay, tony danza tapdance, tyte pants, uh, underoath, unearth, virgins, waterfalls, with all sincerity